The road of building a platform for information and business opportunities in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical sectors is kept developing with its seventh milestone.

With the supports of treasured delegates – the Myanmar Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association (MPMEEA), Myanmar Private Hospitals Association (MPHA), Myanmar Pharmaceutical Association, Food and Drug Administration – Ministry of Health, Food Industries Development Supporting Laboratory (FIDSL) and other partners, visitors and exhibitors that we could hardly name all in here, together, we contribute to partly the reinforcement in growth of the country where is still needing a hand indeed and partly, to the success of Myanmar Phar-Med Expo

It is might be seen as a modest change in enhancing the number of visitors from 1700 to 2500. However, we could be proud with all efforts spent and it strongly proves that we are stick to the commitment of bringing the participators the better experience and constantly improving the quality if you have a look at the increase of visitors with more than 30% from each years and know that some of our 80 exhibitors from the variety of 14 countries have come back time after time

As unseparated part, we try to bring to the show the most essential, useful and core topics from reliable sources via the conference. Particularly, you could learn “HOW TO REGISTER PRODUCTS WITH FDA IN MYANMAR” from Myanmar Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association and members, or excited speech of Dr. Hou-chaung Chen, Tao-Yuan Hospital – Ministry of Health and Welfare, about the “PERSONAL HEALTH RECORD SYSTEM IN HEALTHCARE”, the contribution of Mr Klaus Englert – Vice President, EMCLAB Instruments Gmbh in “CABLIRATION OF UV/VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER FOR QUALITY CONTROL”, the “LATEST DEVELOPMENT OF LABORATORY PRODUCTS FOR SAMPLE PREPARATION AND MEASUREMENT IN CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL AND FOOD STUFF ANALYZING LABORATORIES” presented by C.E.O Mr Juergen Behr, Behr Labor-Technik Gmbh, and finally, Mr Paing Thant @ Joe – Managing Director of Shwe Myanma Thway Co., TLD with the topic “INCONTINENCE CARE: RESTORING THE HAPPY DRY DAYS WITH DIGNITY”.

With the solid commitment and positive attitude, Phar-Med Expo promises to be “the must to come” destination of every individual to seek and share opportunities. You are always welcomed!