Do you know: Artificial Intelligence may help diagnose heart diseases?

According to the article of News-Medical.Net, researchers at Uppsala University and heart specialists in Brazil have developed an AI that automatically diagnoses the six most common ECG (electrocardiogram) abnormalities just as well as a cardiologist.

The new study demonstrates that an AI is capable of automatically diagnosing the abnormalities indicated by an ECG. By being “trained” on a database comprising over two million ECGs that had already been diagnosed manually by cardiologist, the AI can give the results with the same precision as a cardiologist.


Cardiologists interpret ECGs manually

This study has been published in Nature Communications but currently not ready for use popularly in clinics and hospitals. However, it’s believed that it offers great support for low and middle-income countries where large parts of the population lack the same level of access to specialists who are able to interpret ECG results.


Artificial Intelligence may help diagnose the ECG abnormalities

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